Changes in Real Estate during the COVID virus

These are some of the changes we have made in Real Estate to deal with the Pandemic

These are some changes that are happening in Real Estate due to the COVID virus.

Hello, it’s a beautiful day to talk about real estate.

I wanted to talk a little bit today about how things are
changing in real estate with the COVID virus.

Some of the things that we’re doing around here that are
different, we are taking a lot of pictures when we get a listing,
we also do a video, in the hopes that people will look through
them and it will narrow down who’s coming in to take a look at
the property, and insure that it’s something that they’re interested
in before coming in. So we’re limiting showings in that way.

Of course, we’re doing social distancing at our showings. We
make sure to keep people apart. When we do schedule
showings one after another, we’re making sure that they’re
at least 15 to 20 minutes apart, and we’re letting people
into the house one by one.

We’re also requiring that they wear masks and we may limit
touching, depending on what the sellers are comfortable with.
Sometimes we limit how much they can touch, like cabinets,
and opening doors.

We’ll have them open for them already, or we may require
that they use hand sanitizer, or wash their hands, before
touching doorknobs, cabinets and things like that.

Those are just some of the things that we’re doing to
keep everyone safe. We are trying to make sure that we can
still show the properties.

We’re still selling properties. We’ve been very busy, but
we’re trying to be safe while we do it.

If you have a property that you want to sell, we can
work with you on that, and make sure that we keep you safe.

If you’re buying again, we’ll make sure that you do
whatever is needed on the listing side, whatever they’re
requiring we’ll make sure that you comply.

So that’s where we are with that. If you have any questions,
please feel free to contact us. You can call or text us. I’ll leave
some contact information here as well, and…

Make it a beautiful day!

Take care,
Karen McLinden

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