If you’re thinking about selling listen to this first!

Hi everyone. This is Olivia with beautiful day Real Estate
and I’m here today to talk to you about one of the important
items to do before you list your home.

It’s to declutter. By decluttering you will showcase your
house and not the contents. If you have items
that are over-sized or big pieces, it makes the room look
uninviting, and as if you don’t have enough space or storage
by decluttering, it gives the impression that your home
is bigger, and also adds value to it.

One of the areas you want to focus on is the hallways or the
entrance to the home. It’s one of the first things that you see
and if you have shoes and toys or big furniture, it can be
uninviting and it can look very narrow and lack space.

Another area you want to look at is do you have oversized
pieces of furniture, or perhaps do you have too much
furniture in one room?

Some people have big ottomans and in a small living space,
That can look to buyers as if you don’t have space or storage.
Sometimes there’s oversized pieces of furniture and again
that just makes the room look smaller, and as if you don’t have
enough space.

Another area you want to focus on is the kitchen. How many
items do you have? Do you have enough counter space?
Do you have mixing blender, or do you have a juicer that makes
it look like you don’t have enough space.

Also the cabinets, go through them. There might be items there
that you haven’t used in six months to a year or perhaps longer,
so you want to remove any of the items you don’t use or that you
haven’t used, and that you can even put in storage or perhaps even
have a yard sale or donate the items. That looks to prospective
buyers like you have a lot of space and storage.

Another location you want to look at is your closets.
Buyers want to have plenty of closet space, and if you haven’t
worn something in a long time, maybe this is the
perfect time to donate it. Again, maybe it’s a yard sale. You know,
give it to a family member or something that you can downsize
and go through.

It’s a good thing to say, “I haven’t used this in a while”, and, “maybe I should
get rid of it ‘ and that will give you the buyers perspective
to see how much space you have in the closet.

And lastly, pet items. As much as you love your pets, sometimes buyers
when they walk in, it just looks like again not enough storage and
not only that, but also that sometimes there’s some odor with it.

So these are some ideas to keep in mind. If you are listing or potentially
thinking of listing your property. Give us a call for more ideas. I want to wish
everyone to be safe, be well, and to have a beautiful day.

Thank you,
Olivia Farinha

Beautiful Day Real Estate

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