How to price your home for sale

Important information for sellers.

Hello, it’s a beautiful day to talk about real estate.

One little tip that I wanted to share with you today is pricing
your home correctly, price it accurately, and the best way to
do that is to get a real estate agent to go into your home and
give you what’s called a CMA.

What we call a CMA. It’s called a Comparative Market Analysis
and what that means is that we look at the sold houses in the area,
that have sold around you recently, and we compare your home to
theirs as far as living area, lot size, condition, and other
things that factor in, and we come up with the price of what you
should market your home for.

The reason why we want to start with that is that you want to
make sure that your house is priced competitively so that it sells,
and we also want to make sure that you don’t leave any money
on the table. To make sure you can get the most you can out of
your house. Those things are important.

A lot of people look on Zillow to see what’s on there, and that’s okay.
You can look at Zillow to get my idea, but Zillow doesn’t consider
things like condition and some of the other things like how new is
you’re kitchen? Is it brand new, or is it older? That makes a difference.

If your home is in an area where all the homes are
the same then it might come out accurately, because Zillow is
just taking homes in a radius of your home and
averaging them out, and saying that’s what yours is worth.
We get a little bit closer, and look at it a little more in detail to
get a better idea of what the price is.

So the tip for today is just to get your house priced properly
by a realtor, and have a CMA done.

It is free, it doesn’t cost you anything for us to go out and do that.
If that’s something that you’re thinking about we would love to help
you. So feel free to contact us.

Make it a beautiful day!

Take care,
Karen McLinden

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