How high should my credit score be to buy a house?

This is a common question.

Hello, it’s a beautiful day to talk about real estate.

One question that we get asked a lot is how high does
your credit score need to be to be able to buy a House.

A good rule of thumb is to have at least a score of 620,
660 is better, and some banks may not be able to get
you a loan at 620, but it really depends on different

Mortgage companies have different programs and they’re
able to get you into them based on your credit score.
So it’s good to try a few places and see what they
can do for you.

Your credit score will also affect the rate that they can
give you. The better your credit score, the better rate
sometimes, so it’s good for you to try and get that score up
as much as possible. Check with a few banks and see
what they can do for you.

Even if you’re not ready to buy at least you have an idea of
what you’re looking at and what you need to do, that’s always
a good start.

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to us. We’d love
to help you and we can certainly direct you to a few banks and
mortgage companies in the area that could help you as well.

We hope to hear from you, and make it a beautiful day!

Take care,
Karen McLinden

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