First-time home buyers to withdraw funds tax-free from their retirement accounts to use toward a down payment on their home.

Attention Buyers! You can withdraw funds from your retirement funds tax-free if you use it toward a down payment on a home.

The article is below with details.

National Association of Realtors – Pandemic Savings Act – (opens in new window)

Realtor Magazine – Pandemic Savings Act – (opens in new window)

Wowsy-wow right!

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The Buy-Sell Dilemma

Should I buy first or sell first?  This is a common question most sellers ask.

Wondering how to make the jump from one house to the next without owning two simultaneously–or, perhaps worse yet, owning none at all? You’re not alone. Most people either make offers to buy first, then hope for a quick sale of their existing houses, or put their houses on the market, then find new housing before escrow closes. Continue reading “The Buy-Sell Dilemma”

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