Tips if you are thinking about selling on your own.

Hi everyone. This is Olivia Farinha with Beautiful Day Real Estate.

The weather is beautiful, bright and sunny, and you might be thinking about selling your property. You might be thinking of being able to do it on your own. Many people are starting to put signs out saying ‘For Sale by Owner’, and I just like to give you a few tips to think about if you are going to do that.

One is schedule your appointments. Don’t allow somebody to come to the door and to ask you to let them in to see it, that’s a safety concern, not only for yourself, but also potentially stealing and looking to see what you have available.

Two, also give someone a copy of those scheduled appointments. Write down those appointments, the name, phone numbers and give a copy of that to someone else so that they can check in on you and see if everything is okay after each showing.

Another one is, schedule your appointments during the day. Not only is it nicer to see things while it’s bright out, and you can see things much better outside and inside, but also for your safety. You don’t want to be at home in the dark and not able to see if you need to get out.

Another thing is always to ask somebody else to maybe do the showings with you. You know pair up and have someone else there in case there’s multiple people that show up. They can guide some, while you’re in another location throughout the home.

Also another tip is to plan ahead, have an escape route. If there are dead bolts that are locked, make sure that those are unlocked just in case you have to get out quickly.

These are some tips that I can just quickly give you, but also if you think you can do it on your own that’s wonderful, but here are some of the reasons why you really should contact a realtor.

One of them is knowledge and experience. Another reason is to save you time and energy. Who wants to sit there and waste the whole Saturday scheduling those appointments and letting people come in at different times, it’s just easier and safer for someone else to do it.

Also realtors provide current market conditions. Right now the market is booming and we know as professionals, what we could sell your home for.

Another tip is we use the MLS listing service so not only would we be one agent selling your property, but you would have multiple people looking at your property, thousands of agents that would also assist in selling that property.

So let’s turn this for sale by owner to giving Beautiful Day Real Estate a phone call and talking to us about additional tips and how we can better serve you.

Have a beautiful day.

Olivia Farinha

Call or text 774-526-6399

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