Sellers this is so small, but makes a big impact

It’s a beautiful day to talk about real estate.
Here’s our quick Tip for Sellers about the placement of furniture.

Sellers, if you’re putting your house on the market, consider moving some of your furniture around. You want your furniture to be placed so that a buyer can wander through the house without being stopped anywhere. To be able to comfortably wander through.

If you have anything that’s in the way, try to move it. A chair that you have to walk around to get into another room, try to get out of the way, or completely remove it from the room. Downsize your furniture if you need to because if you think about it, the buyer goes into your home and they wander through it, once maybe twice, and that’s gonna give them the impression. So any areas that are blocked to try to clear them, and make the experience feel like a nice wandering, meandering, river that they can walk through your home peacefully, and comfortably. That kind of makes a big difference.

Also, if you have any large pieces of furniture that are blocking windows, moving them away from the window makes a big difference. You don’t want windows to be blocked, so try to move your furniture to another wall, if that’s possible.

Take some pieces out if you need to, and it’ll really help in what you’re going to get for your bottom dollar at the end of the day.

I hope that helps,

Make it a beautiful day. Take care.

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